As of January 15, 2014, Ailawishes has scored an Indie-Film deal. Starting February 2014, she will begin shooting an online web series entitled "Complicated in Brooklyn"(partially based on her last year book release "Red Lace") and also an Indie Short Film, that she wrote 5 years ago,  called "Corrupt".






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The highly anticipated Erotica Novelette of the year is AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW!!!!! RED LACE can be purchased online and at any major bookstore world-wide.

Red Lace has received the HOTTEST reviews from its readers..young and old.

It's even becoming addictive to the R&B community. Look at what

R&B Diva Adina Howard had to say after her first read:

I truely enjoyed the read. I found myself wanting more. A stimulating and sensual nightcap. The way the stories are written, you will have vivid visuals of each scenerio. I wouldnt recommend reading this in public because you just might find yourself going through some changes. Very titillating.”

- Adina Howard, R & B Recording Artist

Other Readers:

"I've been reading this book for the past 2 weeks and all i have to say is ITS GOOD! a good writer is one who can write from both a male and female perspective and Ailawishes nailed it! Thank you for the Brooklyn shout out!! BROOKLYN STAND UP! Seriously you can relate to all the characters and stories in this book. Everyone need to buy this!."

Erica Jones

OMG I loved it....had me HOT..I enjoyed that book....I really didn't see that coming in the storyline in Addicked....that was too funny....she got his ass good...Red Lace is a MUST read.....if you are looking for steamy love scenes that leave you wanting more and more....this is the book for you!!! Two thumbs up!!!"

Charonda Boyd

"A must read. This HAUTE book sizzles from start to finish. Watch out Zane because this girl is on fire!!"

Marilyn Mehne-

"This was hot and steamy. A must read if you want to get your juices flowing."


Carol Zolysky-

"All stories are written very well and leave nothing to the imagination. Addicktive was my favorite. Ailawishes painted a picture of several thought many are afraid to share. Bedroom thoughts. Ailawishes is an independent author and she did very well with this book. Bravo! I cant wait until the next read."


Tameka Owens-


 "Oh I read it in 3 days, only because I was busy. I did not want to put it down and when I got to the last page i was sad because I wanted more. I'm still smh...sayn "now she did that".
Linda Coleman (R.I.P.)-
"This book started a fire. A BLAZING FIRE within me while reading it."
"I recommend reading this book if you are a hardcore erotica fan. It's unlike other books of its kind that just talk about sex. It has real-life scenerios and good story lines."
Sonja Pugh-
"Red Lace captured my attention from cover to cover. I finished it in one day. That is a big deal for me because reading is not at the top of m hobby list. I never thought I would be writing a review for a book and looking forward to the next read from Ailawishes. Great Job!" 
"I waited a year for Ailawishes to release this book. It was worth the wait and for an AMAZING PRICE! Each story in this book has an amazing story line. It's not just about romance but it will turn you on. Other erotica writers better look out because Ailawishes is coming."
Christina Reader-
"This book is a total trip. Oh my, I had to put it down several times before I made it to the end. But then, couldn't wait to get there. And now can't wait to read the next book by Ailawishes. I hope there is a next one. There has to be a next on."


"I waited a year for Ailawishes to release this book. it was worth the wait and for an amazing price. Each story in this book has an amazing story line. Its not just about ramance but it will turn you on lol Zane better look out because this writer is coming."


RED LACE can be downloaded from Google Play/Google Books on ANY ANDROID device for $3.03. Kindle devices can download the E-Book from Amazon or any site that is compatable with Kindles for $3.99. Papberback copies can be picked up at any major bookstore (Barnes&Noble, Books-A-Million etc) for $15.99. IBook for Apple is currently pending but can be downloaded from KOBO Books for IPad for $3.39.