Consultation- $49

Interested in taking your business to the next level and have no idea of how to make it happen. Are you wanting to start a business and need insight on how to get started? Business plans? Grant writing? Need someone to talk everything out to ensure you are making the right decision for your pockets? Let us help. We will provide you with a 15 min video call or local meet up to discuss whats on your mind. 

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Secret Package- $2

The Starter Package is for those who do not wish to work with me directly but would like to receive those leads and secrets to this industry. Information on how to better your career that you will have to put into action yourself. We will send you a weekly email on castings, auditions and guaranteed positions on tv shows and industry parties to help network and promote your brand. (This is a monthly reoccuring charge)

Business Products (offered)

- Logos​

- Grant Writing Services

- Business Plans

- Website Building

- Magazine and Blog Promotional Services

- Illustration work

- Global Marketing

- Graphic Designs 

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Ailawishes doesn't just write books and songs for Grammy artists. For the past 2 years she has been successful at managing local musicians and helping boost their careers. She has also been able to work with teens and get them a spot on some of Americas hottest teen tv shows and music networks. Ailawishes currently has a tween on one of ABC's top tv shows and two teens on one of Lifetime Tv's #1 music tv show called The Rap Game. Ailawishes also just recently signed a contract for Fuse Tv networks with a possible reality show for one of her clients in the works.  Ailawishes, herself,  has been  to another level of casting for the Fox TV show Master Chef.

Recently, she created a program to help others boost their career called Platinum Status. Platinum Status helps those with drive take their career to that next level. Whether its acting or music, She Makes It Happen.  There are no guarantees but everything takes hard work from all those involved to help make that next level a reality. 

*** Reschedules must be done no less than 24 hours in advance.  After the first reschedule, clients refund amount is 50%  less if requested. If the client is not available on the second date and has to reschedule again, all services are cancelled and no refund is due. Client has the option to receive their evaluation via email as an alternative option after a processed cancellation.  Ailawishes has a very busy schedule and any fees paid will be considered inconvenience fees.

Platinum Status Package- $100 

- Review all social media platforms to find strengths and weaknesses

- Create a plan of action to boost your career by 50% or more

- Promotional and marketing services at a minimum

- Keep you posted via email on major opportunities that fit your profile and will lead to major tv or music deals

- Help and recommendations on building your BRAND

- Personal representation to get you on bigger stages and in front of tv cameras

** If you sign up for this package, Ailawishes will play as your manager for any tv contracts or label deals for the period of the contract or 12 mths. Whichever is longer.

** This package comes with no guarantees.